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We are the largest association of Protestant, Orthodox and Indigenous churches in Africa.


The AACC fellowship accounts for over 120 million Christians across the continent.


Our programmes are diverse equiping members in Good Governance and Democratic Transitions, Migration and Human Trafficking, Interfaith Dialogue among others.




The Harmonized Elections of Zimbabwe, aimed at electing the President, Members of Parliament and Local Representatives were held on 30th July 2018. The Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) invited a team of ecumenical partners to join them in theobservation process, including a delegation from the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC), the World Council of Churches (WCC), the Fellowship of Christian Councils and Churches in Southern Africa (FOCCISA) and Church of Sweden.

The AACC delegation is composed of five people from Ghana, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya. The members of the delegation joined four other groups, in order to observe the elections in Harare and its surroundings, Masvingo, Mutare and Bulawayo, the four focus provinces identified by the ZCC.The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC),which is mandated to conduct elections, has already started announcing the results and the citizens are eagerly waiting for the presidential results, with some people waiting just outside the elections results center, where the results are being announced from. 

The ZCC has been accompanying the electoral process for a number of months through research, civic education and long-term observation. They have also conducted a campaign dubbed “I pray, I vote” to encourage their constituency to get engaged in the electoral process. Through the #iprayivote campaign, they conducted the Ecumenical Elections Covenant, which represents what the citizens hope for and are praying for.

The ZCC has expressed its deep appreciation to the ecumenical partners for their multifaceted support during the process so far and is requesting them to continue journeying with them. More importantly, they call for ecumenical partners to continue to pray for peace to prevail in Zimbabwe and also offer support after the elections, as they will go on a nation building process which involves national cohesion and envisioning.

by Ms Afiwa Allahare  


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