Governance Structure

The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the AACC. It is made up of the official representatives of the entire membership of the AACC. The General Assembly ordinarily meets every five years. Eight Assemblies have been held since the first one in Kampala, Uganda in 1963.  At each General Assembly, a General Committee is elected to service the members according to the AACC Constitution.

The General Committee comprises officers elected by the General Assembly and holds its meetings every 18 months.  The current General Committee Members were elected into office at the 8th General Assembly in Yaoundé, Cameroon held in 2002.

The Executive Committee is appointed by the General Committee and is empowered to make decisions on behalf of the General Committee in its yearly meetings.

The Finance and Personnel Committee is a seven member Committee appointed by the General Committee. The Committee is concerned with the finances and personnel issues of the AACC and meets twice a year or as need may dictate.

The General Secretariat - Under the leadership of the General Secretary, the General Secretariat comprises staff, who manages the AACC office on a day to day basis, and also interprets and implements the decisions by the governing bodies.


All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC-CETA)

General Secretariat: Waiyaki Way.
P.O. Box 14205-00800 Westlands,
Nairobi, Kenya.

Tel: +254 20 4441483, 4441338/9
Fax: +254 20 4443241, 4445835


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