All Africa Conference of Churches 11th General Assembly Photo Links 03 July 2018
The Start Of The AACC 11th General Assembly in Kigali 03 July 2018
Election Of A New AACC General Secretary 17 April 2018
All Africa Conference Of Churches 11th General Assembly 16 April 2018
National County Dialogue On Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) 17 May 2017
Meeting Of The Ecumenical Network South Sudan – Africa Hub 08 May 2017
Invitation To The 11th General Assembly Of The AACC 26 April 2017
Training Local Leaders On Child Safeguarding And Well Being 18 April 2017
Solidarity Message To The Churches In Egypt 10 April 2017
Delegation From Sudan Led By Ambassador Elsadig Abdalla Elias Of Sudan In Kenya Pays Courtesy Visit To The General Secretary Of AACC Dr. Andre Karamaga 07 April 2017
Pastoral Message To The South Sudan Council Of Churches (SSCC) And The People Of South Sudan From The Ecumenical Network Of South Sudan (ENSS)- European Hub 03 April 2017
Stakeholders Consultative Workshop On Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 21 March 2017
Interfaith Dialogue On Violent Extremism (IDOVE) Youth Forum 21 March 2017
Celebration Of The International Women’s Day At AACC 08 March 2017
Civil Society Must Play A Greater Role In Migration Governance, NGOs Say At Malta Summit 16 February 2017
Participation Of AACC In The African Union Pre-Summit Meetings In Addis Ababa 03 February 2017
Goodwill Message For The Enthronment Of The Most Rev. Dr. C. Raphael Opoko - Archbishop Of Umuahia 27 January 2017
AACC Communique Of The Peace Meeting - November 29-30, 2016 24 January 2017
The AACC And Its Partners Helping The Survivors Of Ebola In Guinea 24 January 2017
Training On Women’s Human Rights Advocacy For Faith-Based Organizations 04 January 2017

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