Consultation of The Associations of Theological Institutions In Africa

The All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) represented by Prof. Rev. Bosela Eale and Ms. Minoo Kyalo, held a Consultation of the Associations of Theological Institutions in Africa (ATIA) with the theme “Evaluation and Future Prospects of Theological Associations in Africa” from 24th -27th September in Gaborone, Botswana. 
The objective of the two-day consultation was to take stock of the past 5 years and explore ways and means of how the AACC can strengthen and enhance her accompaniment of theological associations and plan for the way forward. 
The consultation meeting was the first for theological associations to come together and discuss issues related to their respective associations. Participants were drawn from the 5 Associations namely; Association of Theological Institutions in Eastern Africa (ATIEA), Association of Theological Institutions in Southern and Central Africa (ATISCA), Association des Institutions D'enseignement Théologique en Afrique Centrale (ASTHEOL-CENTRAL), Association des Institutions D'enseignement Théologique en Afrique Ouest (ASTHEOL- WEST) and West Africa Association of Theological Institutions (WAATI).
Leaders of the theological associations shared their work experiences, evaluated work done during the last five years and engaged on the relevance and future of theological institutions in Africa as well as ways of collaboration between theological associations. They agreed to review the curriculum of their theological institution, design a course on Peace from the aspiration 4 of the Agenda 2063 and incorporate it in their theological curriculums as well as organize ATIA meetings at least twice a year, AACC being the convener.
In conclusion, the AACC will create a link on its website where the associations can post their work for accessibility. The AACC will also come up with a strategy to encourage more female theologians to join the leadership of the theological associations.