Officially Welcoming The New AACC General Secretary Rev. Dr. Fidon Mwombeki




Rev. Canon Jane Mwangangi from the Anglican Church of Kenya, Diocese of Nairobi St. Barnabas Otiende delivered a powerful sermon based on the text read from John 21:1-25 whose theme was “THE MANIFESTO”.

This sermon was dedicated to the official welcoming ceremony of the new AACC General Secretary Rev. Dr. Fidon Mwombeki as he starts his tenure at the AACC.

In her message, she said that she had chosen this text written by John to reflect on as the AACC begins the year by welcoming Rev. Dr. Fidon Mwombeki into office. She warmly expressed here welcome remarks and stated that the work of pastors is sometimes 24/7 and the task ahead of Rev. Dr. Fidon is immense but God is with him.  She emulated the following lessons, which we can learn from the text: -


  • Fishing: - The question we ask ourselves is why go back to fishing -  in our current situation it means the need to sustain the organization and its needs as well as that of its staff e.g. paying the bills. 
  • Why fishermen example? – This shows us the courage, dedication and not being easily distracted. 
  • Peter and others exhibited Team work: - this will be required to accomplish the task ahead and take AACC to the next level.
  • Toiling throughout the night -  is a sign of challenges  that the road ahead is not a smooth path and there are challenges that will be encountered.Thus he should be prepared to face the challenges that may arise
  • Naked: -  means ready for work.
  • Signs for provision: - in the text, Peter goes through the water to the shore and find breakfast.  This is a replica of baptism and Lord's supper.  Thus, it is expected that Rev. Dr. Fidon Mwombeki will provide for his staff as Jesus had prepared breakfast for his disciples.  This signifies the care that the GS will be expected to fulfil as he will have to pay staff salaries, pay bills and at the same time make AACC self-sustaining church.
  • 153 means universal church.
  • Unbroken nets represent the unity of the church. Jesus asks three do you love me more than the nets, boats, fishing ministry or more than other disciples. Jesus uses agape love and Simon uses Phileo love.  This example shows what is expected of staff as they have to sacrifice for AACC.
  • Shepherd: -  Here Jesus commands Peter to be a shepherd: clothing is sheepskin, sandals his feet from Sharp  rocks and thorns wrapped his head with woven clothe. In this example, the equipment the shepherd uses are: a scrip or leather bag that contained food supplies, bread, olives, dried fruit, cheese, rod, knife, staff, leather bucket for drawing water from deep wells and a sling to fight the enemy.  This is also seen in Ephesians 6: 14. “Here GS your work is care and discipline if need be”, she said.  She continued “ GS you are the shepherd for AACC, you have the bread to feed, remember Christ is also the bread of life, water to quench thirst, Christ is the water of life, the rod was for breaking the leg of the straying sheep and then the shepherd will carry it on his shoulder. Staff if you don't obey the voice of the shepherd your leg is likely to be broken. Obey”, she stated.
  • The shepherd care for both lambs-babies and mature sheep need feeding and leading. “1Peter 5:2. People of all colours need your feeding GS”, she stated.
  • The Shepherd walked ahead of his flock. He led them, they obeyed his voice. For straying and stubborn goat he broke its legs and then carried it on his shoulders.  This means that the staff who do not obey will be disciplined.
  • The disciples added more fishes to Jesus breakfast.  This message she directed it to staff where she urged the Staff of AACC to bring their talents and skills on the table for GS to be effective and for the AACC to prosper.


She continued stating. “GS, the button was passed to you to be the shepherd. You can never be like your predecessor, be yourself. As the Lord told Joshua, He will be with you,  He will never abandon you. Joshua 1. Remember the battle at Rephidim, Aaron and Hur held Moses hand to win the battle and Joshua was the commander in chief. Staff,  you are Aaron and Hur, Dr Bright Mawudor is Joshua. Rev. Dr Fidon Mwombeki you have been called as a shepherd in this era, in Africa to lead many countries into peace, development, Gender equity etc”.


She said that she had searched the meaning of the names of the GS and found that ‘FIDON’  which means faithful.  “The Lord will be faithful  Rev. Dr. Fidon Mwombeki, be faithful until the end” she stated.   On the other hand ‘Mwombeki’ means builder, “the Lord will build you in this new responsibility,  Be a builder also” she stated. 


She concluded her reflection by urging Rev. Dr. Fidon Mwombeki to always remember Mathew 28:19 “I Will be with you to the end of the age” she stated. In the name of God the father, son and Holy spirit. AMEN.