All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) Laud Togo For Maintaining Peace Despite Political Tensions

All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) Laud Togo For  Maintaining Peace Despite Political Tensions
The All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) has lauded Togo for maintaining peace despite the current political standoff, which has resulted in the failure to form a government despite elections having been held in February 2020.
An AACC team on a peace mission to Togo met all its four member churches as part of its continued journeying with the church and people of that country, as they seek solutions to their long drawn out political stalemate. The AACC General Secretary, Rev. Dr Fidon Mwombeki, led the delegation, which comprised the Vice President for Central Africa, Most Rev. Martin Nyaboho, and the Executive Secretary, Peace and Diakonia, Rev. Charles Berahino.
Rev. Dr. Fidon Mwombeki said that the AACC team was encouraged that the churches in Togo were committed to peace. He urged the churches to maintain peace “at all cost.”
“Peace is so precious, so key, but you do not know its importance until you miss it,” he said, and cautioned that “if we lose the peace, it will be very expensive, very slow, and very painful to gain it back.”
The four member churches in Togo whom AACC held meetings with are Eglise Méthodiste du Togo (the Methodist Church), Eglise Evangélique Presbytérienne du Togo (the Evangelical Presbyterian Church), Eglise Evangélique Luthérienne du Togo (the Evangelical Lutheran Church), and Eglise du Seigneur (Church of the Lord).
The AACC visit was a follow up to the actions taken by the organization, which had started with a pre-election meeting in Togo led by AACC’s Director of Theology and Ecclesial Leadership Development, Rev. Prof. Bosela Eale, to emphasise the need to maintain peace during elections. AACC had anticipated it would monitor the elections, but it was not accredited.
Rev. Dr Mwombeki said that AACC was happy that there were no refugees anywhere in spite of the complexities of the current political standoff, as there was no armed conflict.
“We promised our members in that country that we would galvanise churches in the continent to pray for Togo,” he said.
AACC will continue its engagement with Togo, and  stands ready to offer any support they might need, so that together, AACC and its member churches in that country can work collectively to promote and keep the peace.