The All Africa Conference Of Churches Congratulates President of Tanzania, His Excellency, Dr. John Pombe Magufuli, On His Re-election and Swearing In For A Second Term

The All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) has congratulated His Excellency, Dr. John Pombe Magufuli, on his re-election and swearing in as President of Tanzania for a second term.  AACC said that Dr Magufuli’s resounding victory was a manifestation of the confidence by the people of Tanzania in his stewardship of the country, and capacity to lead them into a second term.
In the statement by the General Secretary Rev. Dr. Fidon Mwombeki, AACC further congratulated the people of Tanzania for making Africa proud and self-confident by the conduct of their elections that Tanzania. Tanzania fully financed their elections from own resources, a very significant achievement and also a bold statement about its sovereignty as a nation.
“Africa needs leaders who are Pan-Africanists,” the statement said, adding that the more of such leaders the continent had in positions of leadership, the faster and more determinedly Africa will chart its own destiny.
The AACC said it was also highly encouraged by Dr Magufuli’s very public declaration of his faith in God as a pillar of his leadership in Tanzania.  “We believe that a country that is led by faith will reap God’s abundant blessings,” Dr. Mwombeki noted.
The AACC prays for God to guide Dr Magufuli in his second term, as he tackles the myriad challenges facing the country.
God bless Tanzania.