Silencing the Guns in Africa

Silencing the Guns in Africa
Silencing the Guns in Africa initiative is a flagship project of the African Union’s Agenda 2063, the continental blueprint for long-term socio-economic and integrative transformation. Agenda 2063 places importance on the goal of a peaceful and secure Africa. The fourth aspiration of Agenda 2063 provides that in order to achieve sustainable conflict prevention and resolution, a culture of peace and tolerance must be cultivated and nurtured in Africa’s children and youth. This idea to end violence and maintain peace on the continent was conceived in 2013, when the African Union heads of States adopted the objective of silencing the Guns in Africa.
African Union set the target 2020, as the year to silence the guns in Africa. The status is that the continental body is still far from reaching this goal. As Ecumenical Youths in Africa we dream for a peaceful; prosperous and dignified Africa, we feel that there is need for more political action to silence the guns on the continent.
We therefore call on the heads of states to stand up to their commitment in silencing the guns in Africa by 2020.
We call for the Head of States in Africa:
-To implement agreements and commitments adopted by the AU including those that relate to youth, peace and security to silence the guns by 2020;
-To ensure political tolerance, good governance and rule of law;
-To inculcate the values for humanity and natural law /philanthropy;
-To invest in the diversity of African culture and values;
-To make financial resources accessible in order to support and promote youth-led peace initiatives and development;
-To be good stewards of the abundant African natural resources for the benefit, sustainability and enjoyment of all Africans;
 Sign up to this petition as a call to the AU Heads of States to honor their commitment to silence guns by 2020.