Scam Alert

Dear AACC Member Churches,
I hope this mail finds you well.
It has come to our attention that there is a scam mail going round in my name (see the email translation below in red). Kindly note that the contents of the email are not true and the email address used is not even mine. Please be cautious about such scams and report to the authorities as needed.  
Dear Brother,
This fraternal message is sent to you by Dr. Fidon MWOMBEKI, General Secretary of the All Africa Conference of Churches. (C.E.T.A) 
I am trying to reach you at the phone number indicated in the directory but in vain.
With this message I would like to tell you a sad news.  Reverend Arnold C. TEMPLE, our President, has asked me to inform you of the death of our three pastor brothers killed yesterday in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo by the military.   
I come to you as a brother to ask for moral and spiritual support and a modest financial assistance in the form of a "donation" for the funeral of our brothers.
I would like to indicate to you, with your agreement, how to send your help directly to the brothers in Christ.
The reliable, credible and fast way, given the urgency, is to go through the services of the Western Union agency.
  1) Western Union Democratic Republic of Congo.
  2) Name and address of the person I just charged to withdraw the aid: Mr. Betshindo Mpetshi Claude .Avenue des Missions N ° 42 
  3) Amount of money requested: $1000
  4) Question; Hello and Answer; Good evening
  5) After the transfer which lasts only 20 minutes, you can confrere by mail send me the following elements: A) The name and address of the person here to make the transfer.
B) The amount of money sent. and the MTCN number in ten digits (scan the transfer slip.).
   Prayer Union. 
 Rev. Dr. Fidon Mwombeki, General Secretary of the All Africa Conference of Churches
Kind regards, 
Rev. Dr. Fidon Mwombeki
General Secretary