Training Local Leaders On Child Safeguarding And Well Being




The Youth and Children Desk, led by Ms. Zipporah Mwaura, organized a one-day workshop in partnership with the Parklands Location Area Advisory Council. The workshop, which was on child safeguarding and wellbeing, took place on Tuesday, 11th April 2017, in Nairobi, Kenya, under the theme: “Systems and Mechanisms for Children Protection in Conflict.”

The training gathered 15 participants from Government Ministries, Community Based Organizations, voluntary children officers, Primary Education teachers, Faith Based Organizations and opinion leaders.  The main goal of the training was to give an in-depth understanding to the participants on how to prevent, pre-prepare for, respond to and safeguard the wellbeing of children in the face of conflict, ahead of the elections in Kenya scheduled for August 2017. The objectives of the workshop were:


  • Networking and building local capacity of children officers in Parklands area and amongst AACC member churches.  
  • Provide an opportunity and a platform to participants to share information and identify gaps on child safety, wellbeing and rescue in conflict situations.  
  • Mapping of spaces and efforts being made towards prevention and safeguarding of children in situations of conflict and disasters. 
  • Partnering/Networking to strengthen the existing Systems and Mechanisms to care for children in times of conflicts for risk reduction.



In order to safeguard and protect the wellbeing of our children in conflict situations, the participants agreed:


  1. On the importance for adults to speak peace at all times. 
  2. To educate the population that election is an event that comes for a day and goes, but peace should prevail.
  3. To supervise children on the day of election, train them to play within the environs of their home, so that in case of emergency, they can be quickly safeguarded under one roof. 
  4. That the Church should unceasingly pray for the welfare of children and their families, since it where they are formed, where they learn to love, and where their stories are written and shaped. 
  5. That we should not wait for the entire community or nation to stand up for children, but rather it should start with each individual in the house, at school, and at church and extend to the larger community.



The main resource material for the training was the AACC’s Child Protection Manual. The workshop was opened by the Area Chief, Ms. Pauline Njogu. The head of the Theology, Family Life and Gender Justice Department, Rev. Dr. Lydia Mwaniki, brought greetings on behalf of the AACC General Secretary and led a Contextual Bible Study on the topic, based on Matthew 19: 13-15.


Ms. Zipporah Mwaura doing the presentation on the theme
Ms. Zipporah Mwaura doing the presentation on the theme
Group picture of the participants
Group picture of the participants