Office of the General Secretary

The Office of the General Secretary has the overall responsibility of coordination and management of the organization including the regular meetings of the governing bodies.
The Office of the General Secretary discharges its strategic functions through the following:

Leadership and Coordination

This focuses the Office of the General Secretary on the internal organizational capacity of the AACC activities, including human resource management and networking to ensure there is coherence, coordination, and focus in the delivery of the mandate of the organization.

Nurturing Relationships with Ecumenical Partners and other key players

This ensures that there is nurturing relationship with partners and other key players with whom AACC can deliver and fulfill its mission in Africa and beyond.

Communication and Public Relations

This aims at promoting the AACC’s image more clearly, with emphasis on the need to constantly update and keep in touch with member churches, partners and the public.

Relations with the Constituency

This aims at getting closer to members to enhance ownership, support and participation.