Theology, Family Life And Gender Justice

Thrust 1: Promotion Of Regional Theological Networks And The All Africa Academy Of Theology And Religious Studies
Theological reflections at these centres will inform the Church’s decisions and actions regarding contextual solutions to burning issues on the continent.

Thrust 2: Young Theologians’ Exposure Through Training And Internship Programmes
This will deepen and strengthen ecumenical theological knowledge among young theologians, expose and prepare them for the leadership of the growing Church in Africa.

Thrust 3: Ecumenical Formation And Publications
Conduct reflections on ecumenism in Africa and publish credible and relevant contextual theological materials as resources to the churches and theological institutions.

Thrust 4: Interfaith Dialogue And Peaceful Coexistence Between Faiths
Searching and reflecting on ways of promoting peaceful co-existence among faiths, especially Christian and Muslim relations in Africa.

Thrust 5: Documentation And Archives
Keeping the memory of the organization and inspiring other Christian institutions in Africa to do the same.

Thrust 6: Scholarship And Theological Education Fund
The scholarship initiative requires that the churches assess the needs for new knowledge and skills to improve their work and henceforth identify the individual or group to be trained.

Thrust 7: Women Concerns And Family Values
Being the only institution which has roots in African heritage, the family is to be inspired by African values and enlightened by the Gospel. This thrust will address concerns that undermine family values specifically Gender Based Violence.

Thrust 8: Youth And Children Concerns
This thrust will provide space for young people and advocate for the rights of children.

Thrust 9: Health And Healing / HIV-AIDS
Many of our member churches live in the context marked by trauma and suffering from disease. Therefore the thrust
will mobilize them in complementarity with other actors to make this a key agenda in their mission.

Thrust 10: Inclusion Of People Living With Disabilities
It will be important to work hand in hand with the Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network (EDAN) to sensitize and advocate for the dignity of people living with disabilities.


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