Empowerment and Capacity Building

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The role of the AACC Directorate on Empowerment and Capacity Building is to supplement the existing efforts and initiatives with the goal to improve capacities and standards of diverse member churches, National Council of churches (NCCs) in the Continent. Currently we are focusing on the following three (3) key thematic areas.


1. Capacity Building and Overcoming Poverty.

The programme is intended to build institutional and individual abilities and capabilities, especially the managerial competence of the Churches and NCCs. Evidently, responsible stewardship, accountability, and transparency are key ingredients in entrenching prudent management of church affairs and resources for effective transformation of the church and the continent.


The programme seeks to:

a)   Develop and facilitate relevant courses for good stewardship and management of church resources.

b)   Jointly with the churches and other actors develop strategies for poverty alleviation/eradication.

c)   Disseminate knowledge and skills on sustainability and self-reliance of churches and NCCs.


2. Women and migration programme.

The Women’s Programme aim at being a driving force within the continent and a catalyst that will create space and a framework for women to meet and discuss the challenges facing them in order to strengthen a Women’s movement that is based on Christian values.


Moreover, it will strengthen the capacity of memberships to entrench a culture of care and support on issues affecting migrant populations, mainly women and children.

The Programme seeks to:

a)   Inspire Member Churches to address inequality and advocate for inclusive participation of women and other marginalised groups of the population in leadership and governance.

b)   Foster relationships between women’s networks and groups at various levels by providing space for reflection, sharing and mutual accompaniment.

c)   Strengthen capacity of women through training, exchange of experiences, mentorship, thus harness their potential.

d)   Facilitating relationships between churches in the continent and receiving churches (Europe to start with) to enable the smooth integration of migrants.

e)   Strengthening the capacity of Churches and Councils of Churches to advocate and practice hospitality in an era of new forms of migration.

3. Climate Change and Care for Creation.

The objective of this programme is to enhance the capacity of AACC to serve as a platform to raise advocacy, awareness, build linkages and constructively engage churches, and other stakeholders, in order to collectively formulate a strong pro-development position to effectively articulate and represent the voice of the African continent, its concerns and perspectives in the ongoing international dialogue on Climate change and Justice.


The Programme seeks to:

a)  To sensitize and build capacity of churches and other stakeholders to understand the threats posed by climate change and build consensus on adaptation and mitigation measures that are contextual to African realities.

b)   To initiate and encourage inter-faith collaborations and partnerships that lobby for and inspire action on climate change among African countries.

c)   To link climate change vulnerability, mitigation and adaptation to MDGs and other international, continental and national sustainable development and poverty alleviation strategies.

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