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(Accordingly to Article 11:1-3 of the AACC By Laws: Churches in Africa which express the desire to join the AACC are eligible to become Full Members, National Christian Councils, Theological Institutions, Lay Training Centres, Christian Student Organization, and other Christian Organizations may join as associated members of the AACC)

Please indicate the name of your: Church, Ecumenical Organization, Theological Institution, National Christian Council, Lay Training Centre and Christian Student Organization) desire to apply to the All Africa Conference of Churches for membership. We state that we accept the basis of membership as stated in Articles III: 1-3 of the constitution as well as the AACC constitution as a whole. We agree to make our yearly contribution to the ACC to the best of our ability and to continue to pray for the AACC.

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This question pertains to National Christian Councils, Ecumenical Organizations Christian Student Organizations, Lay Training Centres and Theological institutions

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Membership fee to the AACC is annually