A message of Good will and Congratulations to The Methodist Church in Zimbabwe


mmThe All Africa Conference of Churches congratulates the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe for a successful 46th Annual Assembly held from 4th to 6th August 2023 at their conference center in Kadoma. We thank God for the great deliberations by the 196 delegates during this conference. We congratulate Revd. L Molife who was elected as General Secretary for the church, and The Revd. Pauline Chauya who was elected to serve as a Synod Bishop in Bulawayo district starting 2024. She consequently becomes the only female Bishop in the current college of Bishops in the Methodist Church of Zimbabwe. We commend the work done by the outgoing General Secretary Revd. Dr M. Mujinga who will now be moving to Ghana following his appointment as the General Secretary of the Africa Methodist Council. We pledge our prayers and support for these leaders, for the Methodist Church, and the entire Nation  of Zimbabwe as the nation prepares for its presidential and parliamentary elections later this month.

From left, Revd Dr. Martin Mujinga the Outgoing General Secretary, Revd. Likhai Molife the new General Secretary, Revd. George Mawire Presiding Bishop, Revd Purity Malinga, Presiding Bishop- Methodist Church of Southern Africa, and Revd Pauline Chauya the new Bishop of Bulawayo District.

Methodist Church in Zimbabwe leaders and the 2023 Ordinands.