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About us

Our Vision

Churches in Africa together for life, peace, justice and dignity.

Our Mission

  • Mobilizing to faithfully live the message of God’s love;
  • Nurturing a common understanding of the faith;
  • Interpreting and responding to challenges to human dignity; and,
  • Acting prophetically in word, life and services for healing.

Our values

In obedience to God and the imperatives of the Gospel and Christian ethical standards, we are committed to operate:

  • With integrity,
  •  In the spirit of love,
  • Respecting the dignity and God’s image in every human being.

Our Partners/Stakeholder

  • Member churches
  • Regional fellowships
  • National councils of churches
  • Ecumenical partners
  • Development agencies
  • Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)
  • Governments and multilateral institutions
  • Foundations and private corporations
  • Africans in the Diaspora

AACC Strategic Positioning in the Continent

  • Provides increased visibility of African churches on international and ecumenical spheres, providing a coordinated voice for the churches in Africa;
  • Facilitates ecumenical theological conversations towards common witness of the faith at continental level;
  • Has a credible track record for accompaniment of churches in difficult situations, both in churches and in society;
  • Engages on behalf of the churches in major initiatives like NEPAD, SDGs, AU Agenda 2063, as well as creating awareness of these issues among the churches;
  • Offers continental programs on relevant needs of the churches

Our Principles

AACC works through and with member churches in the continent in the following ways:-

  • We address issues facing the people of the African continent;
  • We are proactive and prophetic in the accompaniment of churches in Africa;
  • We engage in discernment for and promotion of positive transformation;
  • We are issue-driven and focus on result oriented programs;
  • We mobilize our constituency to speak jointly on issues affecting the people of the African continent;