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What we do

What we do

The AACC:-

  • Provides a coordinated voice for the churches in Africa and increased visibility of the African churches in international and ecumenical spheres
  • Accompanies churches in Africa in fulfilling the great commission and fosters their effective participation in God’s holistic mission.
  • Facilitates ecumenical and theological conversations among Christians in Africa to promote common witness to the Christian faith at the continental level
  • Engages on behalf of the churches in major initiatives like NEPAD, SDGs,
  • AU Agenda 2063, and also creates awareness of these issues among the churches;
  • Offers continental programs to address the needs of churches in Africa
  • With its observer status at the African Union, promotes information sharing, cooperation with the AU and its component institutions, and collaboration with other regional bodies among its members through its liaison office in Addis Ababa.
  • Unites Churches in Africa for advocacy on pertinent continental and globalissues, voicing out the ethical and spiritual values to be upheld at all times.

Our Programmatic Pillars (Strategy 2019-2023)

The AACC has identified four programmatic pillars to focus on in the next five years. These are:-

  • Theology, Interfaith Relations and Ecclesial Leadership development
  • Gender, Women and Youth
  • Peace, Diakonia and Development; and
  • Advocacy at the African Union.

Theology, Interfaith Relations and Ecclesial Leadership development

  • Ecumenical Formation
  • Addressing Misleading Theologies
  • Interfaith Interventions
  • Ecclesial Leadership Development for self-sustainability

Gender, Women and Youth;

Thematic Areas:

  • Ending Sexual and Gender Based Violence
  • Addressing the Plight of widows
  • Promoting Gender Equality
  • Fostering Women and Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship
  • Promoting Youth Pan-Africanism on the theme: Africa: My Home.
  • My Future.

Peace, Diakonia and Development; and

Thematic areas:

  • Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism and Radicalization
  • Address Migration challenges and prevent Human Trafficking
  • Promote Environmental stewardship and Care for Creation
  • Engagement with Global and Continental Development Agendas
  • Advocacy for Economic Justice and effective responses to the new
  • Debt Crisis
  • Promote sustainable population growth

Advocacy at the African Union

Thematic areas:

  • Monitor the implementation of Agenda 2063
  • Representation of Faith Based Organizations’ voice
  • Research and Advocacy on democratic processes in Africa