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Panelists during the discussion

Faith Leaders at COP 28 interrogate the intersection between Human Rights and Climate Justice

Faith actors have a critical role to play in driving the climate agenda forward. They are better positioned to mobilize local communities for climate action and advance advocacy for Climate Justice. During a panel discussion on the intersection between financing, human rights, and climate justice organized by the AACC in collaboration with Christian Aid at COP 28, faith leaders demanded for accountability, transparency, and respect for humanity from the biggest polluters in all their responses to the climate change crisis. 

The discussion took place at the Faith Pavillion and the Panelists included Imam Mallam Mohammed Aboudaka from the AACC’s Faith Actors Network for Climate Justice (AFAN-CJ), Osai Ojigho from Christian Aid, Athena Peralta from the World Council of Churches, and Meryn Wara from Green Faith. 

Imam Mohammed stressed that it was time to align resource management and humanity’s interaction with the Earth with God's teachings that require human beings to be responsible stewards of the rest of God’s creation.
Voicing out some concerns on Finance and climate justice within climate associations Athena expressed her disappointment in investors whose economic interests remain tied to exploiting and burning fossil fuels rather than diverting resources to more sustainable and eco-friendly business ventures. 

Meryn Warah described climate change as an ethical matter, noting that as the ethical crisis deepens, graves are unearthed, revealing a blatant disregard for the sanctity of life and a severe violation of human rights. While highlighting the centrality of climate Justice in peaceful co-existence, she called for a ‘multifaith revolution’ against actions that worsen the crisis can be no true peace without Climate Justice.