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Youth delegates to AACC’s 12th General Assembly have their Pre-assembly Meetings

On the way to Abuja: Youth delegates to AACC’s 12th General Assembly have begun their Pre-assembly Meetings

The theme of the meetings and all Youth Pre-assembly events is: The Love of Christ Compels us to build the Africa the Youth Want. The first of the ten virtual meetings meant to happen before the youth delegates meet for their in-person pre-assembly in November 2023, took place on Thursday 14th September 2023.  The session provided the delegates with an opportunity to review AACC history and analyze the theme of the Youth pre-assembly events. The session was facilitated by the Chairperson of the Youth Pre-assembly Steering Committee: Ms Rwayi Afika Babazile from the Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa, and the Committee’s Secretary: Mr. Ahwireng Edwin Osei, from the Presbyterian Church in Ghana.

While narrating the journey of AACC from the foundation to the 11th General Assembly, Edwin reminded the delegates about the significance of the Ibadan conference of 1958 initiated by the Great African Ecumenist Akanu Ibiam of blessed memory in the foundation of the AACC.

“At AACC’s first assembly in Kampala, Uganda, 1963, the delegates identified themselves with the aspiration for unity and freedom among African people and exhorted the churches to wholeheartedly participate in the continent's development”. He remarked as he observed that the journey towards unity and freedom initiated at Kampala has continued through all the conference’s General Assemblies.

During her facilitation, Afika described the Pre-assembly theme as a call to action that draws on faith-based principles to drive positive change and development tailored to the desires and needs of Africa's youth.

“It is rooted in values that align with the principles and objectives of Agenda 2063, underscoring the importance of a shared vision, unity, compassion, and inclusivity in shaping Africa's future as outlined in the agenda.” She emphasized.

Afika informed the delegates that the Youth Pre-assembly processes will run with the Slogan; Africa: My Home. My Future.; a slogan that not only expresses a great feeling of identification, belonging, and desire for the African continent but also honors Africa's rich cultural legacy, diversified landscapes, and potential for growth and development.

Brian Muyunga, AACC’s Executive Secretary, Youth, congratulated the delegates upon being nominated to participate in shaping the future work and life of Africa’s Ecumenical Movement. He also expressed his confidence in their potential to fulfill their leadership mandate in ways that contribute to the realization of Jesus’ mission of extending abundant life to all creation as expressed in John 10:10. The Youth Pre-assembly is scheduled for 16th -18th November 2023; and the General Assembly, 18th – 23rd in Abuja, Nigeria.